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Dawg Ad Board is a free to use advertising site which allows members to post their ads for other members and visitors to view. Ad Boards have been proven to be an effective and inexpensive method for internet marketers to gain valuable exposure for their products and services. It is important that marketers use every means available to increase the amount of traffic they receive because traffic to a marketer is the blood in the veins of their success.
We also offer a pro membership which allows for additional exposure and ad sending capability as well as higher commissions for referred members. Either way, free or pro, the Dawg Ad Board is another tool in our arsenal of tools that you're going to want to use often to promote your offers and sites.
See below for the benefits of both a free membership and a pro membership to the Dawg Ad Board.

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• Minimum Payout $.

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• Post your Ad daily.
• Your Ad will remain active for 30 days.
• Post maximum of 6 ads at once.
• Earn $0.50 Yearly for each pro member you refer.
• Minimum Payout $.
• Get Random Referrals.

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